Statement from our CEO: How Datalogics is Responding to COVID-19

Statement from our CEO: How Datalogics is Responding to COVID-19

During these unprecedented times, with the health and financial crisis that we find ourselves in, we wanted to update our customers, partners, and vendors on the steps Datalogics has taken to deal with the crisis, as well as provide some guidance on how we are moving forward.

First and foremost, Datalogics remains open for business and ready to serve our customers and partners. We have transitioned to a virtual office and our team is working remotely as we practice social distancing to slow the spread of COVID-19. We aim to keep our team and their families healthy and will abide by federal and local government restrictions that are being put in place to slow the spread of the virus and flatten the infection curve.  We are very fortunate that the nature of our business made this transition easier than it would be for some other businesses.

The Datalogics team is still releasing products, supporting customers and actively helping our licensees get their offerings to market. As we have customers worldwide, most of our contact points were and remain digital so our processes remain the same. While our sales team is no longer meeting customers face-to-face, we are still actively working to provide solutions via digital methods. Our marketing team is working under the assumption that all trade shows and industry events over the near term will be postponed or cancelled, so we are focusing on other methods to reach and inform our audience. Our accounting team is still processing invoices and paying vendors, but as we are no longer physically in the office every day, they will be more responsive via email and electronic communication than to postal mail communication.

Datalogics already supported several remote employees, and most of our customers/partners remotely, therefore we had extensive experience with virtual meetings. While periodic face-to-face communication with coworkers and customers is always preferable, we believe that our shift to virtual meetings has been implemented with minimal loss of productivity.

While we know this situation will present challenges to everyone, Datalogics intends to continue operations with minimal disruption to our employees, customers, vendors and partners. We would like to acknowledge the healthcare workers and other staff on the front lines working non-stop to end the spread of the virus while also supporting necessary services.

Please stay safe everyone, and let us know if you have any questions during this time.

Kevin McNeill

CEO, Datalogics Inc.

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