Engineering Perspective: Why you Should Upgrade to Adobe PDF Library v18

Engineering Perspective: Why you Should Upgrade to Adobe PDF Library v18

It’s hard to believe, but Datalogics’ version of the Adobe PDF Library version 15.0.4 was first released nearly three years ago. Since then, we’ve made hundreds of fixes and enhancements, mostly driven by the issues that our customers brought to us to address. Likewise, Adobe has done its own fixes and enhancements to APDFL.

Melding these often-divergent efforts gives our customers the best of both worlds, with the deliberate test-driven approach that Engineering took with the APDFL v18 port, APDFL v18+P1b.

Over many years — between APDFL itself across a number of platforms, our own Java and DotNet interface to APDFL, and the DLI interface for PDF creation –Datalogics’ APDFL team has accumulated a few thousand tests of unique cases, and to this point, we’ve been able to address the vast majority of those to ensure tests are now passing.

In addition, Engineering has put in a lot of effort to audit and modernize the codebase for C++17 compliance, and to remove the potential for undefined behavior and make the code safe for more compiler optimizations over a greater portion of the code.

Engineering has overhauled APDFL v18’s build system; which mostly won’t be visible to customers, but it should make it easy and quick to further update 3rd party components, should they ever need updating (security reasons, for example). APDFL v18’s Unicode components are now up-to-date, with no future plans to update APDFL’s v15.0.4 equivalent.

While we are now at the stage where fixes for v15.0.4 are added to v18 almost in parallel, the transition from version 15.0.4 to 18 should be nearly seamless.

If you are considering upgrading to version 18 from 15.0.1 or earlier, you may find that quite a bit has changed. For example:

  • Our added PDF Optimizer functionality
  • Enhancements to allow APDFL to convert files to PDF/A-2 and PDF/A-3
  • APDFL’s unlocked ability to process/render truly large images
  • The ability to use OCR on PDF images from the .Net or Java interfaces

These are just a few of the new enhancements offered in v18. In short, upgrading now should be well worth the effort, and we highly recommend it.

Want to learn more about the enhancements APDFL18 will bring to your PDF creation and management process? Contact us today!

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