World Paper Free Day: 4 Reasons to Reduce Your Reliance on Paper with PDFs

World Paper Free Day: 4 Reasons to Reduce Your Reliance on Paper with PDFs

World Paper Free Day is around the corner! November 6th is a day dedicated to bringing awareness to people on the environmental impact of using paper, and informing them on how they can fulfill their efforts to reduce their reliance on paper. 

Technology is always changing to make life easier, and we have evolved from long rows of cabinet files to sharing digital documents. Since the inception of PDFs in the early 1990s, there has always been a drive to digitally transform businesses, while simultaneously increasing productivity and efficiency by removing the toll of working with physical documents. Digitizing files allows your organization to intelligently manage your files while also effectively reducing the cost of using paper with both financial and environmental benefits. Datalogics has been in the industry for over 50 years; leverage our experience to help you do more with PDFs!

Benefit 1: Reduce Cost PDFs allow you to create digital versions of documents so they can be viewed, printed, and shared everywhere. Eliminate storing cost by digitally transforming your files into PDFs for a faster and efficient way of accessing your documents. The days of excessive searching through file cabinets, paper cuts, and misfiled documents are over.

Benefit 2: Document Security PDFs can be password-protected to restrict printing, viewing, and editing to ensure the utmost protection of your files. This helps to ensure that vital information like financial statements are not tampered with prior to end-user consumption.

Benefit 3: Text-Searchable Files With OCR Support, making files text-searchable has made document management and organization more efficient. The ability to instantly search through files is incredibly useful, especially if your organization has to manage high-volume paperwork. 

Benefit 4: Large-Scale Digital Archiving With digital files, there is no need for outdated filing cabinets taking up excessive office space. PDFs can be easily converted into a PDF/A file format, which removes any features that are unsuitable for long-term preservation like font linking and encryption. If your organization has countless scanned documents, archiving them allows you to safely store your PDF files and be assured that they can be accessed in the future.

At Datalogics, we aim to help you in automating the process and successfully shifting from paper to PDFs. We join AIIM (Association for Information and Image Management) in observing World Paper Free Day on Wednesday November 6th! Follow us on our social channels to be part of the conversation! 

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