Datalogics 2019 Internship Program: An Overview

Datalogics 2019 Internship Program: An Overview

Summer is finally here, and that means Datalogics has kicked off another exciting internship program! This year, we have welcomed a great group of interns in the fields of engineering, marketing, and for the first time ever; IT. This year’s interns come to us from a variety of backgrounds and have attended or are currently attending local universities such as UIC and DePaul. Here’s an overview of what our interns are working on this summer, and why they’re excited to be a part of the Datalogics team.

In the marketing department, our interns have been hard at work helping to identify and implement new marketing strategies to help boost Datalogics’ brand awareness and stay on top of emerging trends. From competitive research to content and social media planning, they are working with the marketing team on exciting new projects that will be implemented throughout the year. When I talked to them about what is motivating and exciting about working as a marketing intern at Datalogics, they shared that they enjoy the collaborative environment and appreciate having their voices heard. They also enjoy that we foster a learning environment where no question goes unanswered, and are excited to be learning new things about marketing that they may not have learned in school.

In the engineering department, our interns are working on writing code to build software using Javascript, Electron, and Node.js framework, which they had minimal experience working with prior to their internship. They chose Javascript after researching which programming language and development environment would best fit the needs of the overall project. This stage of development was something they rarely encountered in formal education since school projects usually have rubrics, guidelines, and environments that students are expected to adhere to.

In the IT department, our interns have been learning how to set up and maintain our office’s computers and networks, and have been providing support when things aren’t working correctly. Not only have the interns been able to learn a lot of new material since joining our team, they’ve also learned this material in a new way. Beyond the technical and professional knowledge, this internship has also taught them a lot about office culture and how to work as a team.

Overall, the internship at Datalogics has been a positive, educational experience, that our interns are all thankful for. They believe the skills that have been introduced to them though this internship will stick with them as they continue their careers, and the soft skills that they have honed at Datalogics will aid in both their professional and personal lives. It has been quite satisfying for them to work on their own projects and see them mature, and they really appreciate the environment and culture that Datalogics has established.

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for these talented young professionals!

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