FLIP2PDF: Low Maintenance, High Quality

FLIP2PDF: Low Maintenance, High Quality

By Eric Shore and Matt Kuznicki


FLIP2PDF offers a quick plug-and-play solution for document conversion to PDF, utilizing reliable all-inclusive technology.  Here, we’d like to introduce a few of the features that make FLIP2PDF different from other document conversion tools and toolkits.  Let’s take a deep dive into the low maintenance requirements and explore the pinnacle of PDF production.


Go Low (Maintenance):

Simple Setup and Flexible Design

With a streamlined installation process and intuitive configuration, you’ll be converting documents in no time. From there, FLIP2PDF can scale to meet your needs, both big and small.  As a scriptable server tool, FLIP2PDF makes it easy to integrate into automated workflow processes for large-scale bulk document conversion.  With API support, you can power your own programs using FLIP2PDF’s conversion technology. Users can also directly run FLIP2PDF for manual document conversions.

Office to PDF Conversion Without Microsoft Office

Most Microsoft Office to PDF conversion tools rely on other programs being installed. Typical tools require Microsoft Office to be installed on any computer where you may be performing conversions. Datalogics FLIP2PDF does away with this requirement: everything you need comes with FLIP2PDF, ready to use. With FLIP2PDF, you don’t need to worry about whether your installation of Office is properly licensed or improperly installed. FLIP2PDF has everything you need for converting Office files to PDFs built-in, whether you’re on Windows or Linux infrastructure, without depending on other office suites being installed on your servers or in your data centers.


Fly High (Quality):

Trusted Adobe PostScript Rendering and Processing

As the creator of PostScript and PDF, Adobe Systems has been the leader in electronic document technologies for over 35 years. Leading digital press and printer manufacturers, document management systems and applications all rely on Adobe technologies for rendering and converting PostScript. With the power of Adobe’s PDF Converter engine built into FLIP2PDF, graphics files – including PostScript files – are transformed seamlessly and effortlessly into PDF files optimized for usability and maximum compatibility.

Focus on Reliable PDFs for Your Needs

With FLIP2PDF, it’s easy to generate PDFs that are reliable for printing, archiving and long-term storage. Convert PostScript files directly to PDF/X to meet the requirements of modern print and pre-press workflows. PDF/X enables more reliable interchange of files for print and press. Convert Office files to accessible tagged PDF files that are PDF/A compliant. PDF/A-1a support in FLIP2PDF allows you to generate archival, accessible, and reliably repurpose-able PDF files that are optimized for usability today and far into the future.


With FLIP2PDF, we’re proud to bring these conversion capabilities to more users and applications than ever before. We invite you to evaluate FLIP2PDF free of charge, and see how it can effortlessly allow you to reach new heights.


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