Community Forum: New Support Outlet from Datalogics

Community Forum: New Support Outlet from Datalogics

Datalogics is pleased to announce that our new Community Forum has been added to our website. The new forum is a basic question and answer-type forum that many of you will already be familiar with. The Community Forum provides a place for customers to ask questions on product use and to help identify and resolve problems. Sometimes, it’s just helpful to have another set of eyes on a problem – maybe you have questions about a particular file type or language being used with Datalogics products. Get online and check the forum to see if anyone has the same question. If not, post a question and see if anyone can help.

Accessing the Community Forum

On the top menu bar of the Datalogics web site under the “Shop” option, you will find a link to the Community Forum. The forum is open to view and searching by anyone. Only users who have registered and created an account on the eCommerce shop will have the ability to answer, create, or comment on questions. Login when prompted by the Community Forum pages or from the My Account page in the Shop menu. A list of question categories is presented on the left side of the page. To the right of the categories, you will find a search bar – more about that later. Notice below the search bar you will find a list of questions with the most recently asked questions shown first. Continuing to review the page layout, notice the Next button at the bottom of the list. This allows you to continue to view additional questions if any are available.

Searching, Filtering, and Sorting Questions

Let’s review some of the options for searching the forum. It always helps to check first before posting a question. The forum provides several ways to search for content, the most powerful being the search bar. Entering text into the search bar searches all contents of the forum. Any matches appear displayed beneath the search bar. You can then select one to review if it looks promising. Above the questions list and below the search bar is a question status filter. Use this filter to limit the display of questions to those with a particular status. Questions can have a status of Open, Resolved, Closed, or Unanswered. At times you may want to sort questions by Views, Answers, or Votes. Use the “Sort” option to the right of the status filter in that case. Clicking on one of the categories, notice the list of questions shown is now limited those created under the category selected.

When you select a question to review, notice at the top a line showing Community Forum> Category: (category)> Question Title. After reviewing the question, you can quickly return to the forum home page by clicking on “Community Forum”. You may also click on the category to return to a list of questions created under that category. If you find a question or answer helpful, don’t forget to upvote using the indicators to the left. If you didn’t find anything related to your issue, you can create a question. We’ll go into the details of doing that next.

Asking Questions

If you find that your question has not been asked yet in the forum, you can add one yourself. Notice to the left under the category items is an orange “Ask A Question” button. Click on it and you’re taken to a new page that allows you enter a question in the forum. As noted earlier, to create a question, you must first login. If you’re not logged in, you are given the opportunity to login or register to create a new account. To create a question, first enter a title. As you enter your title, relevant questions asked previously are shown below it just like when you search. Below the title is a text entry area were you can enter and format your question. Before you submit your question, select a category and enter a tag that is relevant to your question. Efficient selection of category and tags will allow for more efficient searching of the questions in the future by you and others.

FAQ categories are a special case. This category is not available to you when you assign categories a question. Datalogics creates content in the FAQ categories and we intend to use these categories to form a knowledge base for the eCommerce products.

Future Plans

In closing, I would like to say that over time, Datalogics expects the Community Forum to grow and expand. As new products are added to the store, Datalogics will add additional content to the FAQ categories in the community forum. As the forum grows and develops, we will add additional features if needed. As always, we welcome any suggestions and feedback you might have!




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