Intern Perspective: Datalogics Marketing Internship

Intern Perspective: Datalogics Marketing Internship

The time flies by as I enter the final week of my fall internship with Datalogics. For the past two semesters, I’ve worked closely with the Marketing team on a wide range of projects including competitive analysis, marketing automation, and creative brainstorming. Along the way, I’ve learned a lot about the enterprise software market and how to apply the knowledge I’ve gained in the classroom to a real-world setting.

This semester, the Marketing team at Datalogics worked incredibly hard on the launch of new products as well as the implementation of an eCommerce platform. Everyone’s hard work during such a busy time of transition demonstrated an excellent example of teamwork in a corporate setting, and I saw firsthand the research and planning that goes into the launch of new product offerings.

Another part of the internship I particularly enjoyed was working with marketing automation tools. Setting up drip campaigns and landing pages is a newly developed skill that I’m excited to bring to future positions. I learned how important these tools are in nurturing leads, and how to implement them myself. I determined what drip campaign content tends to have the most success and made recommendations for future implementation.

There have been several memorable days at Datalogics, but two stand out to me. On July 10th, all three summer Marketing interns presented at the company-wide quarterly meeting, a great opportunity to develop my presentation skills and show off our hard work to some of the other departments. Then, on July 23rd, interns from both the Marketing and Engineering departments enjoyed a trip to an escape room.

I’m thankful to Datalogics for welcoming me and offering me two incredible semesters of education and growth. The marketing skills I’ve acquired through my work here will be helpful as I apply for jobs after my graduation, and the insight into the friendly culture of the company has been helpful in determining what I want out of my long-term career.

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