2018 Year in Review

2018 Year in Review

As 2018 winds down, it’s time for reflection on the past year, and looking forward to what the new year might hold.

This year, Datalogics continued its Engineering intern program, and for the first time in recent history, we also hosted a group of Marketing interns. Both of these teams were composed of impressive and talented individuals who delivered quality work, though apparently, the Marketing interns were better at fooseball than the Engineering interns. In 2019, we’ll again plan to recruit intern teams in Engineering and Marketing, and will also expand the 2019 intern program to include an IT group as well.

Our CTO, Matt Kuznicki, was re-elected as Chairman of the PDF Association in May, and continues to be involved with PDF standards work and shaping the future of electronic documents. One result of Matt’s involvement with the PDF Association was that Datalogics developed and released a free PDF validation and conformance tool in 2018. The PDF CHECKER tool was made available for download in February, and has been widely distributed for its ability to identify common nuisances and error conditions in PDF files. We followed this with releases of PDF OPTIMIZER and PDF2PRINT, and have plans to release additional PDF tools early in the new year.

In November, we changed the licensing model for several of our products and began selling them online for the first time. The Datalogics online shop allows customers to purchase and download several of our offerings directly from our website so they can solve problems faster. The tools offered in our online shop are no longer sold with an upfront license fee, and are now provided as annual subscription offerings so that customers can deploy solutions with lower capital expenditures, and match budget expenses more closely to the accounting periods they pertain to. As consumer preferences have shifted towards SaaS and subscription offerings, Datalogics will continue to move more of our products over to services based models.

While both have had industry buzz for a while now, 2018 may eventually be seen as the year that AI and big data became household words. Artificial Intelligence offers the promise of turning massive amounts of data into actionable information. With the digitization of clinical data, medical records, legal records, financial records and virtually every piece of information collected from social media to wearable devices, we now live in a big data world where the potential to mine data for good or evil is almost infinite. Much of this data is easily machine accessible, but some pieces are locked up or inaccessible because it’s not in a language we understand, or it’s trapped inside images instead of stored as searchable text.

Self-driving cars will require massive data sets and AI to learn to make the decisions required to safely navigate public roads. Investors will need access to data to make informed investments in global markets. Medical practitioners will need access to data to tailor treatments to individual patients based on their unique genetics. Datalogics is committed to making digital data more accessible, and expects to see continued growth in our business for AI enablement.

To our customers, partners, and the Datalogics team, thank you for all your efforts in 2018 – I am looking forward to another year with you. 2019 will be another great one.

Kevin McNeill



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