Reader Enabled PDFs with Adobe Experience Reader Extensions Tool

Reader Enabled PDFs with Adobe Experience Reader Extensions Tool

Adobe Acrobat Reader is Adobe’s free offering for reading PDF files. According to Adobe, more than 200 billion PDF documents were opened with their products alone in 2017. Adobe Acrobat Reader is the number one tool for reading PDF files, which means that there is a very high likelihood that your users already have it installed on their systems. So, how can you take advantage of that? By making Adobe Acrobat Reader do more for you.

For example: say you want your users to fill out your digital credit card application, sign it, and return it back to you, upon which you add an assigned barcode to the completed application to help automate your internal processing. How would this process work currently? Your users would need to spend time searching for and installing additional tools, some of which they might need to pay for, after which they can finally work on completing the application. Wouldn’t it be convenient, though, if they could do this using existing software they already had installed on their computers? Fortunately, this is possible using a technology called Adobe Experience Reader Extensions (AERE). AERE is a tool used to enable and unlock a unique set of additional features and options for your end-users in Adobe Acrobat Reader that’s not otherwise available to them.

How does AERE work?
AERE can be applied directly to specific PDF documents that you are working with, creating what is known as a “Reader Enabled PDF”. During the process, you can choose which functionality you would like to enable for those particular PDF documents. Below are some of the key options you can choose from:

  • Fill in and save forms (including Acroforms and XFA forms)
  • Create barcodes
  • Digitally sign documents
  • Embed file attachments
  • + more (click here for a complete list of options)

The best part about this technology is that it’s completely transparent to the user – they don’t need to install any extra tools, add-ons, or download additional software, and can simply use the Adobe Acrobat Reader they already have on their systems. The other advantage for you is that you don’t need to host any tools, or manage complex cloud APIs.

By leveraging core functions within Adobe LiveCycle, AERE can help reduce errors, processing time, and cost when collaborating on projects, while increasing security, accuracy, and compliance.

If this sounds like something that your organization could benefit from, contact us to see how you can start Reader Extending your PDF documents.


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