Dynamic Browser Branding: READynamic 3.4 Gives Customers Greater Branding Flexibility

Dynamic Browser Branding: READynamic 3.4 Gives Customers Greater Branding Flexibility

Summer is right around the corner, and that means family vacations, the 4th of July, cook outs, all kinds of outdoor activities, and summer reading! Whether you’re sporting the red, white, and blue or the colors of your favorite team, you can now wrap your READynamic™ browser experience in colors to match. Released yesterday, READynamic 3.4 delivers our customers more artistic freedom and branding flexibility than ever before thanks to dynamic browser branding.

Dynamic browser branding allows our customers an opportunity to keep their brand fresh and evolving as they evolve. Why limit your brand to a single concept or cause when you can energize it with relevant changes to show your readers who your organization is and what you stand for. Organizations are more than just logos; they’re collections of people who care about and support their customers and one another. We want READynamic customers to be able to share their culture with their readers, and dynamic browser branding helps showcase the events, communities, and causes that our customers support and celebrate throughout the year.

Dynamic browser branding allows our customers to create timely seasonal experiences, raise awareness of a supported cause or event, promote a partner, and even host a temporary holiday theme without removing any of the learning tools and collaborative interactions that make READynamic unique. On any given day you can choose bright high-contrast images and colors that explode into reading like a firework, or you can choose cool beachy tidal tones to invite your readers into a soothing seaside experience that you control. No matter the selections that are true to your brand identity, the opportunities to evolve the look and feel of your READynamic browser experience are endless and can be applied on your schedule with just as much open flexibility.

Datalogics can still provide custom branding and configuration support, but dynamic browser branding was built for our customers to configure specific brand related aspects of their READynamic product and organizational culture whenever they’re needed, without needing to reach out for help. Dynamic browser branding combines creativity and control for our customers to flex their capabilities, and influence readers beyond content itself. Additionally, the brandable browser reading experience extends into the mobile app reading experience for even more meaningful reach for your brand.

READynamic 3.4 introduces a system of files that can be adjusted any time, independently by each READynamic customer, with the express purpose of helping our customers’ brands shine. While dynamic browser branding does not impact end-user functionality, it does introduce subtle differences in READynamic iconography and toolbar interface coloration for consistency. READynamic customers can wrap and re-wrap their READynamic environment in the colors, logos, graphics, and text that are essential to their brand and culture using these new configurable assets whenever they need to.

To learn how to upgrade to READynamic 3.4 or to learn more about Dynamic Browser Branding, please contact the Datalogics team.

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