PDF2PRINT: Print Process Automation Now Available

PDF2PRINT: Print Process Automation Now Available

We’re excited to introduce PDF2PRINT. This command-line utility provides the capability to batch print PDF files. Built with the Adobe PDF Library, it prints just like Adobe Acrobat. This is a requirement we have heard consistently – the need to automate a print process, and achieve the same print quality Adobe Acrobat is known for. While Adobe Acrobat is a great tool in a desktop environment, it lacks the back-end automation capabilities some users need. Some have attempted to automate Adobe Acrobat in a server environment, which can lead to poor reliability (which is also a violation of the Adobe Acrobat end user license agreement).

This is where PDF2PRINT comes in. It does one thing and it does it really well – it prints PDF files. It’s a command-line interface that allows you to easily automate a print process; generate and send files directly to a printer. It works directly with the print driver, without involving any third-party applications in the process. This provides complete control for both simple and enterprise-level processes. With features like duplexing, collating, and a wide range of printer support, it might just be the right tool for your printing needs.

At Datalogics we know PDF, and we know it well. We have been working with the Adobe PDF Library since 1997, and the team working on this product has been with us well before PDF existed. We continue to share our knowledge by writing blogs, giving presentations, participating in different end user forums, and more. Through these channels, we have been able to gain valuable feedback and have learned that many are searching for a tool that serves a single purpose, is already built, is supported, and is ready to use such as our new PDF2PRINT utility.

Give it a try: Click here for your free evaluation.

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