PRINT 17: PDFs, Presentations, and Print Workflows

PRINT 17: PDFs, Presentations, and Print Workflows

We recently wrapped up a busy schedule at the PRINT 17 conference in Chicago. It was a great opportunity for us to chat with attendees and to meet with exhibitors to learn more about their new initiatives. Many who stopped by the Datalogics booth wanted to learn more about PDF optimization – which is a new feature within the Adobe PDF Library that helps reduce the size of large PDF files while maintaining the right balance between document quality and file size. There was also interest in variable data printing and PDF/VT – the use of PDF as an exchange format optimized for variable and transactional printing.

We also had a chance to share more about the new tools we are building, including new enterprise automation software that uses the Adobe PDF Library to automate specific business document processes. Our first automated process supports the printing of PDF documents. Future add-ons may include things like PDF optimization, form filling, document merging and splitting. The main guiding principle behind these tools is that the end user does not need a developer to use these solutions, and it can be implemented without programming skills and be ready to use immediately. We also took this opportunity to gather valuable end user insight with an in-booth survey. Many thanks to everyone who stopped by and took the time to participate in our survey.

The Xplor breakfast presentation titled “Exploring the Role of Print in Today’s Customer Journey” was also an interesting session I attended. It provided valuable insight about the changing print environment and managing the balance between keeping print relevant in the mix between print and online customer communications. This is especially relevant with the continued use of PDF in the overall print workflow, and the increased reliance on PDF to share content. In fact, based on a report from the Content Marketing Institute, white papers, case studies, and eBooks make up 37% of B2B content created each year, and PDFs are an ideal format for this purpose.

In addition to exhibiting at Print 17, we also hosted and presented at an educational seminar titled “Improving your Print Workflow with Advanced PDF Technologies.” In this presentation, Vel Genov, Product Manager of the Adobe PDF Library, provided insight about best practices and options available to improve print workflows. Vel also emphasized the importance of using a reliable PDF library, as not all are created equally. The Adobe PDF Library is the library behind many of Adobe’s other core products – this helps ensure that you get consistent output with unmatched quality. The content also sparked engaging dialogue and interaction with the audience after the presentation.

We really enjoyed our time at PRINT 17, and look forward to our participation in future conferences like this one. I’d invite you to check out our website for additional information about tools that can help you with your print workflow process.

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