Datalogics Dedication to Customer Issue Resolution

Datalogics Dedication to Customer Issue Resolution

As someone who was previously a Software Developer, and is now a Product Manager at Datalogics, I have a great appreciation for those who spend the time to report issues to us. There is nothing worse as a developer than learning that code you wrote is causing problems for someone who is trying to use it. The reality, however, is that bugs happen. Code gets written to solve a specific problem; when it goes out to the world, people find new ways to use it to fit their needs, they do things that are unexpected, and they create scenarios you did not account for. As a Software Developer, you cannot predict all the ways someone is going to use the new feature – again, bugs happen. The most important thing to remember is that if someone reports an issue, they are trying to help you. It is how you respond to them, however, that can have a huge impact on their positive or negative experience with your software.

At Datalogics, we review every issue a customer submits to us (as well as those from evaluators). Our Engineering, Product Management, and Support teams work together to determine a solution that works best for the customer who reported the issue, as well as others who might be impacted. We communicate with customers to inform them that we have reproduced their issue, ask for additional information, and determine whether or not it is expected behavior. If the issue is expected behavior, we work with the customer to educate them on why it is expected behavior and we also listen to the customer to understand what they were expecting to happen and what they are trying to achieve. From there, we work to determine whether or not we can improve our products in some way to support the use case, or even adjust the error messages to be more explicit and explain what went wrong. In addition, we believe it is critical to have a dialog with the person reporting the issue so that they are kept current on the status and our resolution.

As Product Manager, I have learned a great deal by reviewing customer issues. You learn not only what customers are currently using your products for, but also what they would like to be able to do and what is preventing them from reaching success. These are incredibly useful pieces of information for helping a product adapt to the needs of the market, and it can’t be done without providing customers an excellent experience from the time they start their evaluation to the time they decide to stop using it. Treating customers with respect and empathizing with their issues are my top priorities. We strive to provide the best customer experience and speedy resolutions for all issues submitted. We never want our customers to feel like they are left to resolve an issue on their own with band aid workarounds, or they should never have to apply extra pressure to get an issue resolved.

We offer many different ways for customers to contact us when they need help, or even just want to ask a question. If you haven’t already, check out our Knowledge Base that contains helpful responses to commonly asked questions or our developer resources site ( where the documentation for our products are available. If you have a suggestion related to a product from Datalogics, or general feedback on working with Datalogics, you can post it to our feedback forum. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us – you aren’t alone when you work with Datalogics.

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