The URMS Ecosystem Keeps Growing

The URMS Ecosystem Keeps Growing

As the URMS ecosystem becomes more sophisticated, new tools are becoming available to publishers, retailers, libraries, schools and consumers. This is great news because it means solutions are entering the market that will enable stakeholders to develop reading solutions with URMS digital rights at their core.

URMS is a digital rights management system from Sony that protects not only movies and video games, but eBooks as well. This system offers more flexibility than other rights management systems, and can provide an excellent infrastructure in which to read and protect. I am including a chart to some of the tools available and a side-by-side snapshot of their features and functions. Check it out here:

The great thing about this chart is that shows a variety of tools. You can get a branded reading app supporting retail stores, while the SimplyE app is dedicated to public library implementations. Users can offer a good old fashioned reading device for those who want to offer a dedicated tool. Plus, we offer a fully encapsulated software package for K-12 and higher education that includes the apps, as well as browser reading. There are even more tools out there supporting URMS – this is just a snapshot.

It was exciting to be a part of the infancy of URMS as Sony began using its seasoned technology for protection of eBooks, a new market for them. But, it is even more thrilling to be a part of the expanding set of tools that close the technology gap on the ecosystem so that there are no barriers to using a more flexible protection methodology for eBooks.

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