Congratulations to the W3C Publishing Working Group

Congratulations to the W3C Publishing Working Group

Datalogics is proud to see today’s announcement of the W3C Publishing Working Group’s formation. We’re happy to see many of our fellow alumni from the IDPF joining in the effort to advance publishing for the web, and we look forward to working with the publishing working group. In the fifty years that we’ve offered digital typesetting, layout, and document technologies, Datalogics has seen a number of important technologies come to fruition: PostScript, PDF, even the World Wide Web. EPUB is a maturing technology in use with many different tools and workflows, and has joined the collection of technologies in the stewardship of the W3C.

Through the hard work of many different people and many companies, EPUB has grown to become a useful tool in the toolbox of digital publishing technologies. Adoption of EPUB has helped to reduce the cost of digital trade books to the public, and to spread the ability to read digital books across a wide variety of computers and devices. The obstacles to publishing one’s own work are significantly lower, allowing more people to present their voices to others than ever before.

We look forward to helping advance state-of-the-art EPUB and web publications. My personal goal is to help the world communicate as effectively and easily as possible – a goal that many working in the web publication community also share. The more tools we can provide to meet all the different needs of electronic documents and publications, the better we are all able to see and understand each other’s ideas.

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