Check out the newly launched Bookvia eBook reader

Check out the newly launched Bookvia eBook reader

Today is a great day here at Datalogics. We have officially launched our new Bookvia™ reading app for iOS. You might ask yourself why? After all, there are dozens of reading applications out there, and normally my Product Manager brain would agree with you. But this one does something different. Bookvia is one of the first reading apps to support URMS DRM.

URMS is the User Rights Management Solution developed by Sony DADC. Their tools were historically used to protect only gaming and videos, but have been expanded to now support books. With strong digital rights management and a rich set of APIs, it offers flexible business models that currently do not exist. With it, URMS is poised to help anyone in business publishing and eBook distribution to take their eBook business to the next level. For instance, you can now let readers share their books with a friend or make a section of a book available for free preview without having to extract and package the free section separately.

However, a DRM solution alone does not let you read a book on your favorite phone or tablet, that’s why we developed the Bookvia reading app. It allows URMS content distributors to go to market quickly without investing the time and resources to develop a reading solution.

Bookvia is built with the end user in mind. It’s a free app with many great features to please a broad range of readers and contains no ads.  And even though Datalogics serves businesses, we firmly believe that we can only succeed if we help our customers succeed. To do that, a reading app has to resonate with consumers of content. With that in mind, Bookvia is full of great features to give users an experience that is both intuitive and sophisticated.

Users can download the app from the appropriate app store, login to a bookstore, and see their books. For content from URMS stores, users will see the books they purchased without having to leave the app to find their books. A reader who logs in to a supported store will be able to see all items purchased in one place. This common bookshelf provides a singular reading experience for all content from all supported stores.


We also included features that make reading more enjoyable at night.


Users can pick a favorite highlight color or use colors to separate the types of highlighted text.


This app is built to work with a large collection of books. Users can arrange titles into collections and filter the bookshelf view by collections or other sorting criteria.


As mentioned earlier, Bookvia allows content providers access to URMS protection quickly without the extra time and resources often required to develop a reader. We offer licensing options to the generic Bookvia app or offer branded app development to make it your own. Bookvia is now available for iOS and will be available for Android supported devices shortly.

Take a look, talk to us, tell us what you think.

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