Adobe PDF Library v15: Out and Ready!

Adobe PDF Library v15: Out and Ready!

I’m excited to announce the much-anticipated new version of the Datalogics release of the Adobe PDF Library. Version 15 includes a lot of new features and updates that I mentioned in my previous blog,  Adobe PDF Library Beta Program Comes to a Close. I won’t bore you by repeating – you’re familiar with those updates, and re-reading them is time you could be spending with APDFL 15 for your Windows, Linux, and Mac applications.

What about the other platforms, you ask? They are still in the hands of the UNIX porting elves, busy at their porting benches with their porting tools – look for these platforms later on in the year! We’ll be rolling out pre-release versions as these are available for those who want to play on the edge. If that describes you, drop us a line and we’ll make sure to sign you up.

Check out our Press Release to learn more about PDFL v15 and sign up for your free evaluation today!

We know some of you didn’t have a chance to join our APDFL 15 beta program for the platforms we released. We want to give you another chance at joining our pre-release program. But this time, it will be for the PDF file optimization feature we’ll be adding to our APDFL distribution over the course of 2016. Are you interested in early access to our file size reduction APIs? Let us know if this is you!

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