Datalogics PDF Java Toolkit 4.7.0 is available!

Datalogics PDF Java Toolkit 4.7.0 is available!

It has been a while since we wrote anything related to an updated version of Datalogics PDF Java Toolkit being available for evaluators and current customers, the last time we did this it was still called Adobe PDF Java Toolkit. As you can see things have changed since that last post, we have changed the name, we have been writing sample of the week posts on a regular schedule thanks to our Developer Evangelist (Joel Geraci), and we have a new versioning scheme.

Datalogics PDF Java Toolkit 4.7.0 is made up of
  • PDF Java Toolkit Core 2.11.0
  • Talkeetna 3.2.0
PDF Java Toolkit 2.11.0 release notes
  • Generating appearances with the AppearanceService now supports generating barcodes with XFDF data for the PDF417 symbology
  • Internal improvements to the PMMService to speed up inserting pages into a PDF
  • Added a ‘runFormatScripts’ method to the FormFieldManager class that executes the formatting scripts for an AcroForm and returns the formatted data as a java.util.Map
Talkeetna 3.2.0 release notes
  • Element (and its subclasses) now have a constructor that takes a Style object

As we continue to improve our PDF Java Toolkit, we will be posting the release notes on our developer site, the 4.7.0 release notes are up there now. And in case you have missed some of our previous announcements about our PDF Java Toolkit, here are some of the highlights.

As we just closed out 2015, we are planning where to go next with PDF Java Toolkit so now is the time to provide your suggestions to us!

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