Announcing PDF Alchemist 2.0.3 – See What’s New!

Announcing PDF Alchemist 2.0.3 – See What’s New!

089107-3d-transparent-glass-icon-signs-love-potionWe’re thrilled to announce the latest release of Datalogics PDF Alchemist version 2.0.3.

PDF Alchemist 2.0.3 is an update release containing the following rolling updates from 2.0:

  • Resolved issue with line breaking combining some lines that end in numbers with the following lines in table of content-type lists
  • Resolved issue causing some graphics that are right-aligned in PDF input to not be right-aligned in output
  • Fixed 2.0 regression with some images being left out of output caused by over-aggressive check for potential page headers & footers
  • Additional checking for line groups and associated splitting heuristics added where lines end with delimiter symbols from set of ‘]’, ‘)’, ‘}’, ‘>’
  • Fixed issue with over-aggressive detection of potential page header/footer content causing missing text
  • Fixed issue with borderless table detector accidentally detecting some lists as borderless tables
  • Fixed issue with table column index (position) determination when cells in a column are center-aligned or not well-aligned
  • Fixed issue with paragraph breaking when lines only contain one “word” per line

PDF Alchemist 2.0 is chock full of new features and updates to our existing capabilities. What’s new in the 2.0 series:

  • PDF Alchemist now generates EPUB output as well as HTML output.
  • Split your HTML output into separate files, and EPUB output into separate chapters, by bookmarks or by page count.
  • PDF Alchemist now supports PDFs with bookmark entries. Alchemist converts the bookmarks (table of contents) into a separate HTML view of the converted PDF that references the converted PDF as an IFrame. This allows you to present converted PDFs with a separate table of contents for easy navigation.
  • User-selectable image resolution generation. PDF Alchemist now allows callers to choose their target image output resolution. Use a high resolution for better quality images, or a lower resolution for faster downloads and smaller output.
  • Links to other HTML pages and to destinations inside PDF Alchemist’s HTML output may be emitted with default HTML link style syntax. This allows users to have PDF Alchemist present links in standard HTML formatting, rather than the formatting in the source PDF.
  • Support for tables that span across page boundaries.
    New and improved logic to detect caption text for images and keep captions associated with images.
  • Many updates, fixes and enhancements to existing capabilities.

PDF Alchemist is Datalogics class-leading technology for reconstructing the text and visual flow of fixed-layout PDF files. PDF Alchemist allows users to generate views of PDF files optimized for tablets and phones; to bring the content of PDF files into existing editing workflows; and re-purpose PDF files as eBooks by converting to EPUB format. Make PDF forms fillable by converting to HTML forms – import PDF content into HTML and other document editing workflows – present summaries and previews of PDF content – and a lot more!

Interested in seeing what we’re excited about? Check out the PDF Alchemist webpage for more information.

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