Looking for feedback? Let’s use Uservoice!

Looking for feedback? Let’s use Uservoice!

Back in March of this year, I had an opportunity to try my hand at being a Product Manager for a pair of products from Datalogics, PDF Java Toolkit and PDF WebAPI. It has certainly been an interesting journey going from the engineering management side to the product management side.

In September, I began an experiment and set up a feedback forum through uservoice to collect feedback from our customers about our current set of products. We have casually mentioned this in a few of the posts I have written, mainly in posts about PDF WebAPI.  Today I wanted to take the time to write something specific about uservoice.

As we move our products forward, we will post ideas to our feedback forum and update the status of these as we go through and implement them (or put them on ice for the winter).

If you have thoughts or suggestions for what Datalogics could do to improve its current products or develop new ones to help you, post them on http://feedback.datalogics.com and help us build solutions for the pain points you may have when working with eBook or PDF technologies!

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