Adding iOS 8 and Xcode 6 Support in RMSDK and DL Reader

Adding iOS 8 and Xcode 6 Support in RMSDK and DL Reader

It has been a great and a busy summer for us here at Datalogics!  There have been a lot of activities taking place:

  • We are learning and working on EPUB 3 support
  • We are testing ACS 6 from the ACS 6 prerelease from Adobe
  • We have signed up a few customers to the prerelease program (so let us know if you are interested!)
  • DL Book Club is adding a new theme, and a few related books, every month.  So come and check it out at

In addition, we are keeping an eye out for the upcoming releases of Xcode 6 and iOS 8 from Apple.   We don’t know when Apple will announce the big release date but it will be here soon; and we will be ready!   Our engineering team is busy working on integrating iOS 8 support into DL Reader.  This also means that we will be supporting building both RMSDK and DL Reader in the new Xcode 6 environment.

There are two parts to working this: (1) adding the ability to build both RMSDK and DL Reader under the new (now in beta) Xcode 6, and, (2) making necessary changes, almost entirely in DL Reader, to be compatible with iOS 8 (also in beta).   Both aspects of this are underway so that we can deliver solid, improved products when that magical day arrives (Rumors we’ve heard say September 10th!)

In addition to the iOS 8 work and necessary changes to incorporate some new UI design guidelines from iOS 8, we are also improving our general UI in DL Reader to provide better user experience. We are improving the RMSDK and DL Reader for our customers who rely on us to deliver a robust platform for them to expand and build upon. While we are doing this, we will also be building better DL Reader apps for end users who download our apps from various app stores and markets.

Speaking of the end users… On the other end of the iOS spectrum, we will be discontinuing the support for iOS 5.  This will enable us to build better quality products that are easier to expand and maintain for newer iOS .  But don’t panic!  We hear you that there are end users who can’t or don’t have time to update to new versions of iOS, they are still using iOS 5 apps.  We still want to support you, so we are going to create a separate reading app using the current version of DL Reader in the App Store and make this app available for download on iOS 5 devices.  Of course, new features will not be added to this app.  The current version of the DL Reader will be updated with the new iOS 8 support in the App Store once iOS 8 comes out.

We will follow up with more blogs as soon as we have more details from our engineering team on the new iOS 8 support, as well as the version of the DL Reader for download to iOS 5 devices.

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