Celebrating the Brontë Sisters

Celebrating the Brontë Sisters

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Summer is (sadly) beginning to wind down, and people are squeezing in travel plans before the fall chill rolls in and the kids head back to school. People’s travels may take them to national parks, white sandy beaches, busy metropolitan cities or the quiet countryside; perhaps the English countryside of West Yorkshire where the famous literary Brontë sisters grew up. The three sisters, Charlotte, Emily and Anne, are the focus of the Datalogics’ Book Club theme for August.

Charlotte, Emily, and Anne Bronte are well known for enjoyable classics such as Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall.  The sisters, as well as their younger brother, Branwell, began writing at a young age. They had a childhood rich with imagination, writing complex collaborative stories for Branwell’s toy soldiers.  As the children grew, so did their writing.  They went on to author poems and novels (often using pen names) that were ahead of their time.  Our book of the month is Charlotte’s Jane Eyre. First published in 1847, this is a coming of age story for the title character as she enters adulthood and falls in love with the enigmatic Mr. Rochester. Mr. Rochester hired her as a governess for his ward, but mysteries and questions abound at Thornfield Hall.  It has been said that some of the events in Jane Eyre are loosely based on the incidents of Charlotte’s life, such as losing parents and siblings at a young age, having a tragic experience at boarding school, and spending time as a governess.

Other Brontë novels available in the Datalogics Book Club for you enjoyment are Wuthering Heights, Agnes Grey and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall.

We hope you enjoy these perfect vacation novels as much as we do before the summer ends.

Happy Travels!

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