Xcode 5 and working with Datalogics products and samples

Xcode 5 and working with Datalogics products and samples

Recently some of our customers have run into issues either working with our products or working with the samples for our products when they upgraded from Xcode 4 to Xcode 5 or when they transitioned from Mac OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) to Mac OS X Mavericks (10.9). We want you all to know you are not alone! We experienced this problem internally as well, we just did not know what the root cause was until recently.

Xcode command line tools

A number of our products and samples take advantage of the command line tools that are an optional add on for Xcode (starting in Xcode 4.3) and had to be installed separately. In Xcode 5.0.1, the command line tools are no longer available for download from within Xcode. This caused problems building some of our products and samples because we provide scripts that make use of these command line tools so that you can get up and running with our products and samples as quickly as possible.

So what’s the solution?

If you have experienced this problem the following steps should resolve this for you :

  • Open a Terminal window (Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal)
  • Run the command : xcode-select –install
  • A new window will open, select “Install” to have Xcode install the command line tools

After a number of us here ran into the problem and we all spent a fair amount of time looking into this, we finally found the solution and since then it seems like others in the Apple developer realm have run into this same problem more and more often. Searching for how to fix this in Google now finds a few stackoverflow posts that talk about this very issue.

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