Adobe Releases Reader Mobile 10 and Adobe Content Server 5

Adobe Releases Reader Mobile 10 and Adobe Content Server 5

Adobe has just released Reader Mobile (RMSDK) 10 and Adobe Content Server (ACS) 5 both with hardened Digital Rights Management (DRM) support that includes updated scheme to protect ePub and PDF files from unauthorized viewing of content, making content more secure.  You can read more about it in their press release.  Other features included in this release are:


  • PDF search enhancements
    • Added performance improvements to PDF text search when the text is not present in the specified range
  • Compiler migration to support latest compiler and OS for Mac
    • Migration to XCode 4.6.x to XCode 5, and Mac OS 10.7SDK, support Mac OS Maverick 10.9
  • CSS 2.1 Properties enhancements
    • Added support for CSS “position” property
    • Added support for CSS “Z-index” property
    • Added support for list-style-position value “inside”
  • Support for Pseudo Font
    • Support for Pseudo font (emulating bold and Italic properties) has been added for CJK languages
  • Other bugs fixes
    • Jpeg decoding issue when exif information are embedded within the image
    • Issue in position of underline / overline
    • Partial implementation of “max-height” property. Currently working for <img> elements
    • Significantly improved the performance of CSS selectors parsing
    • Proper handling of CSS files containing media queries
    • Proper rendering of 8-bit transparent PNG graphics
    • Memory management changes
      • Memory leak occurring for corner case CSS files
      • Memory leak while rendering svgSony.epub with embedded SVG
    • Improvements and fixes in the area of vertical layout
      • Proper alignment of special characters that act as both full width and half width
    • Added support for CSS property “epub-text-orientation”; supported values: mixed | upright | sideways-right | sideways (sideways-left and use-glyph-orientation are not supported)


  • New DRM scheme that is more secure
  • Configurable settings that allow ACS 5 continue working with RMSDK client applications built with RMSDK versions prior to RMSDK 10

Upgrading to RMSDK 10 and ACS 5

Join Datalogics and Adobe on Wednesday, January 29th at 10:00 am CST for tips and information on the newly available RMSDK 10 and ACS 5.

Shameer Ayyappan, Senior Product Manager at Adobe, and Datalogics representatives Ching Yue, Director of Mobile Applications, and Jennifer Bianchini, Product Manager, will cover:

  • Overview of release
  • Adobe and Datalogics eBook roadmaps
  • Hardened DRM changes
  • Changes in RMSDK 10 and ACS 5
  • Migration path and recommendations
  • Q&A session

To RSVP, go to or access the registration form directly at Once you have submitted your RSVP, you will receive an email confirmation with the web meeting link and information.

Can’t make it on January 29?  No worries!  We will post a recording of the web meeting on the Datalogics website for you to view at your convenience.

Don’t delay, sign up today!  Limited Space Available!

Stay tuned for future posts coming shortly about upgrading your clients to RMSDK 10 and ACS 5.  If you have any questions about this release or Adobe Content Server in general, please contact  or

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