Chuck Myers returns to Datalogics… in Product Management

Chuck Myers returns to Datalogics… in Product Management

I’m pleased to announce that I returned to my roots at Datalogics a few months ago and that we are announcing the first of our new products today. The next version of the Datalogics PDF Java Toolkit was released last week with significantly enhanced functionality, such as Javascript functionality in Acrobat forms, the ability to render a PDF to image and improved PDF creation and manipulation capabilities. And it does all of this in a pure Java environment: no platform dependencies for C libraries.

I’m excited to be back, not just for the C/C++, .Net and Java PDF APIs but also for things that we have in the works for WebAPI functionality for today’s lightweight web development.  And our eBook product line is developing cloud support as well as preparing for EPUB3 support as an early Readium member. Stay tuned for more developments: you won’t have to wait long.

It’s been a fun trip (detailed in LinkedIn), starting at Datalogics with DL Pager in 1976, continuing on to pioneering SGML and Database Publishing, the acquisition by Frame and becoming the product manager for FrameBuilder (which became FrameMaker+SGML). I moved from Chicago to San Jose at this time. This was followed by the acquisition by Adobe, where, among other things, I led Adobe’s first charge into eBooks in the late 90s and then drove the enterprise PDF agenda with Adobe Document Server and LiveCycle until the end of 2011. This PDF and eBook work, along with standards work, SVG and XSL-FO development, accessibility advocacy and a continuing passion for customer-driven product development and improving the product management process conspired to bring me back to Datalogics. My product management and document skills have found an optimal home as I help Datalogics develop great products.

Let me know what you think of the PDF Java Toolkit. Drop me a line or leave a comment about opportunities that new functionality could enable, You can do that as a blog comment, or use the product forums we’ve set up for the new products (PDF Java Toolkit is the first one up).

2 thoughts on “Chuck Myers returns to Datalogics… in Product Management

  1. Hi, Chuck,
    Welcome back to Chicago!
    How’s everything with Dataglogics? do you still provide training courses?
    Lynn (formal McGraw-Hill F.W. Dodge employee)

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