Adobe Joins Readium SDK Project

Adobe Joins Readium SDK Project

We are excited to welcome Adobe Systems as members of the Readium Foundation and look forward to working with them to contribute to the development of the Readium SDK project.

Datalogics joined the Readium project in March 2013; you can read more about the project in the Datalogics Blog. The Readium SDK project is an EPUB 3 rendering engine optimized for native apps on tablets and other mobile devices.  Adobe’s participation and contribution will make it possible to build apps with Readium’s SDK to support EPUB 3 content protected by Adobe Content Server.

Adobe DRM support and EPUB 3 implemented together in a client application has been a popular feature request from customers, which is why we are excited to hear Adobe’s official announcement.  Adobe Content Server and Adobe’s RMSDK toolkit are both available through Datalogics.

To read more about Adobe’s participation in the Readium SDK project, click here to read the Press Release.  To learn more about the Readium Foundation, click here.

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