Winter Winds Bring Spring Friends…

Winter Winds Bring Spring Friends…

While it may be cold outside in Chicago right now, that doesn’t mean that we’re hibernating here at Datalogics. There’s a lot of new and interesting things going on, but I want to mention something the engineering team has been doing for the past several years. That’s right, Datalogics is looking for interns to join us for the summer of 2013.

We’re excited to be visiting a trio of universities that we’ve been to in the past, but switching things up a bit and attending some different events. If you’re interested in coming out to see us, we’ll be at the following events:

  • February 7th: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) engineering EXPO
  • February 19th: Northern Illinois University spring internship and part-time fair
  • February 20th: University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) engineering career fair

We’ll have previous graduates of our intern program on hand who can answer your questions about what we’re like to work for. Of course, if you’re interested in possibly joining us over the summer but can’t make it to any of the events we’ll be at, you’re welcome to contact us with some information about you – email and put “2013 internships” in your subject line – and we’ll be happy to get in touch with you.

And for those who have your university days behind you, don’t forget we’re looking for people to join us in full-time positions also. Check out for more information.

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