AddImages: A New Service for the Datalogics PDF WebAPI

We continue to add capabilities to the Datalogics PDF WebAPI  with the new AddImages service. AddImages does exactly what it says it does; it allows developers to programmatically add any number of images to any number of pages in a PDF file.

tripleframepreview-fThe AddImages service can be used in conjunction with other services like FillForm to create customized, graphically rich, documents on demand that combine static content,  images, and data such as invoices, advertisements, and receipts.

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DocumentProperties: A New Service for the Datalogics PDF WebAPI

The Datalogics PDF WebAPI continues to add services and capabilities with the new DocumentProperties service. DocumentProperties is a utility function that will return a number of properties of the PDF file you sent with your request. By default, the request will return the basic metadata Title, Subject, Author, and Keywords just like in Adobe Acrobat as well as other metadata from the Document Properties Dialog such as the Creation and Modification dates, the application that created the PDF file, the PDF Producer, PDF Version and the number of pages in the file.

Document Properties
Document Properties

Additionally, by setting some options, you can discover if the file is a fillable form and what type (AcroForm or XFA) or if the file claims to be PDF/A compliant. You can even get the entire XMP object out of the PDF.

These properties can be interesting in and of themselves if you are trying to gather information about a group of PDF files but they can also be useful for other Datalogics WebAPI services.

For example, if you want to convert all of the pages of a PDF file to PNG images, you can use the RenderPages service to convert each page, page by page. Without knowing the number of pages in the file, you’d need to process pages until you get an error; that’s not really a clean solution. It’s also precisely why the Product Management team here at Datalogics asked for this service to be created. During the making of our RenderPages demo, it became clear that we had a gap in our offering and immediately started working on the solution… and now we have DocumentProperties.

A couple of other interesting applications of DocumentProperties in conjunction with other services would be to retrieve the document Title and add it to a footer using DecorateDocument or test to see if a form is  XFA before you try to populate it with data using FillForm since AcroForms and XFA require different inputs.

To learn more about the DocumentProperties service, check out the documentation for the Datalogics WebAPI.

PDF Day and CodeMash – Check out our Sessions!

Hello! The PDF Association PDF Day events are coming up soon: December 10th in Washington, DC and December 11th in New York City. Not only is Datalogics proud to be sponsoring these events, but we’re also proud to be speaking at both. I’ll be giving an overview of content extraction from PDF files – benefits, capabilities and pitfalls – and Jeff Betts will be giving a brief overview of some of Datalogics products and how they may help you with your PDF needs.

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I’m also excited to be speaking at CodeMash on January 8th. I’ll be giving an introduction to PDF and the PDF file format, geared to software developers who’ve always wanted to know how PDFs are structured and what one can do with them. CodeMash is the premier midwestern developer conference offered on the frozen plains of northern Ohio every year. Datalogics is thrilled to not only be speaking, but sponsoring as well. Feel free to come out and see us! For more info on these events and our sessions, please visit our Events Page.

eBook Team Updates: RMSDK 11, DL Reader, and more

eBookIt’s been a while since our news on the RMSDK 11 and ACS 6 releases from Adobe; I think it’s a good time to give you an update on what’s been happening on the eBook side since then.

Adobe continues to work on adding and improving the features in RMSDK 11. The most recent releases of RMSDK and ADE now securely transmit data that is being sent to the Adobe server to support new business models. You can find the latest ADE on Adobe’s website. The RMSDK release is available from Datalogics, please contact us if you wish to receive a copy. For customers who have not signed an updated amendment for RMSDK 11, we will first send you the amendment to sign upon your request.

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