Creating PDF Forms using the Datalogics PDF Java Toolkit

Sample of the Week:

Forms are frequently a customer’s first introduction to a new company or service. When I go to see a new doctor or dentist, I fill out a form. When I want to get a quote for a new car insurance policy, I fill out a form. A few weeks ago, I had to fill out a form just to get a tour of a gym that I wanted to use while traveling… I was in town for a week and had no plans on joining… yet… I had to fill out a form.

A filled form is how we introduce ourselves to a new company or service… but… an empty form is how they introduce themselves to us… so the experience better be a good one… and that starts with establishing or leveraging your brand… and branding is all about fonts. Continue reading

Creating PDF Portfolios for Acrobat DC using the Datalogics PDF Java Toolkit

Sample of the Week:

Joel Geraci

As I mentioned in my previous post, Adobe Acrobat DC was released last week. It’s got a snappy new interface that makes using more advanced functionality of Acrobat more discoverable and easier to use. Another important aspect of Acrobat DC is having the experience on mobile be more similar to the desktop experience and with forms and commenting, they’ve absolutely accomplished this.

Unfortunately, PDF Portfolio with interactive Flash-Based user interfaces are pretty much dead. As long as the Flash Player is installed, Acrobat DC on the desktop can play a PDF Portfolio created in Acrobat X or XI but users can no longer create PDF Portfolios using select one of those interactive layouts. While disappointing, this is understandable given the fact that Flash isn’t available on iOS. Adobe had to make some difficult choices with Acrobat DC and making PDF Portfolios work consistently across platforms, devices, and removing their dependency on Flash is a decision I highly support.

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Rage Against the Form


Joel Geraci

I’m taking a break from the usual Sample of the Week again to post a little news about how the Datalogics PDF WebAPI is being used. Adobe Acrobat DC was released on Tuesday. I’ve been playing with the prerelease versions for the last few months and I must say that I’m very impressed. Adobe has managed to make using the more advanced functionality of Acrobat more discoverable and easier to use. Working with electronic forms is a much better experience regardless of where you’re starting from, a fully interactive form, a scanned image of a paper form or anywhere in between, they all work more or less the same way.

As part of their promotion of the new release, the social media team created “#FormRage Selfies”, a site where you can create a custom “selfie” that helps you vent your frustrations with paper forms. Lori DeFurio, Group Manager, Social Strategy at Adobe told me “We want the experience to work on mobile as well as the desktop, content to be easily shared on social networks, and to leverage PDF technology”. So I recommended the Datalogics PDF WebAPI to do the heavy lifting behind the scenes. Check it out then come back here and read how it works.

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PDF2IMG Color Management Enhancements


PDF2IMG has always been a top of its class PDF rendering tool, featuring excellent performance, a wide range of supported bitmap formats and high fidelity output with user adjustable controls such as smoothing options for text, images and line art.  But, recent enhancements have extended PDF2IMG‘s feature set even further beyond the typical rendering tool.

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