Reader Mobile SDK 11 and Adobe Content Server 6 Released by Adobe and Datalogics: Support for EPUB 3, Subscription and School business models!

We are pleased to announce that Reader Mobile SDK 11 (RMSDK) and Adobe Content Server 6 (ACS) integrated with the Readium SDK, which provides EPUB 3 support, are available from Adobe® and Datalogics®.

RMSDK 11 supports many of the EPUB 3 features.  Major features include:

  • Fixed layout: Useful for graphic novels, children’s and travel books, cookbooks and textbooks, all are rich with illustrations and photographs.  The layout and design remain fixed no matter what the screen size is.
  • MathML:  Enables accurate display of mathematical formulas that can flow with the rest of the text.
  • Audio, video and animation:  Add rich features that allow eBooks to come to life for your readers by increasing their engagement with the content.

RMSDK 11 is now available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.  Datalogics is currently building EPUB 3 support into DL Reader through the use of RMSDK 11 and will have a release available for customers soon so that they can jumpstart their eBook reader development. This new support for EPUB 3 is in addition to the existing support for EPUB 2 and PDF files that has been the core of Adobe and Datalogics eBook offerings.

To check out the new EPUB 3 support, you can download Adobe Digital Editions 4 (ADE) today!

For our ACS customers, you will be excited to know that ACS 6 supports new business models that allow for easy distribution of content to different markets and geographies.  With ACS 6, you will find support for:

  • Subscription: Direct support for the subscription models that are becoming popular in the eBook market
  • School:  Allow students to share devices in school settings without device limitations
  • Bulk Fulfillment:  For corporate library content or small training class settings, allows one administrator to manage content across a number of desktop computers and devices, shared by a small group of users
  • GEO Pricing:  Supports transaction pricing based on geo locations
  • MRSP Pricing:  Provides differential transaction fee based on the publisher’s price

If you have any questions about RMSDK 11 or ACS 6, please contact your Datalogics sales representative or customer support at or

We are also excited to let you know that DL Reader is being updated for iOS 8 and will be available within the next couple of weeks.  In the meantime, RMSDK has been updated to support Xcode 6 to enable developers to take advantage of new features in iOS 8 and is now available from Datalogics. Please contact us at for more information about Xcode 6 support.

To learn more about RMSDK 11 and EPUB 3 support, check out our video!  As we continue to integrate enhanced EPUB 3 support, we will have more news about RMSDK 11 and ACS 6 for you as it becomes available. Stay tuned!

September Book Club – Back to School Classroom Classics


Welcome to September, a time when kids of all ages return to classrooms and assigned reading, as well as sharing notes with classmates. We at Datalogics have fond memories of the adventure stories we read in school: stories that transported us to wild frontiers, dangerous landscapes, future imaginings, and the beloved realms of Neverland and Oz. Our book club theme of the month is “Back to School Classroom Classics.” This selection includes Jack London’s survival stories, “The Time Machine” by H.G. Wells, “Peter Pan” by J.M. Barrie, and our September book club pick, “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” by L. Frank Baum. Besides the fond memory of these stories, we are also dedicating this month to our customers who are inventing customized and collaborative reading systems for education.

Before the 1939 film existed in all its brand-new Technicolor glory, the Oz series by L. Frank Baum captured imaginations of avid readers across the country. The first book in the series, “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz,” was published in 1900. While inspired by the classic fairy tales of the Brother Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen, Baum set out to create a specifically American fairy tale focusing on the wonders rather than the horrors. (Perhaps this is why he dropped a house on the Wicked Witch at the start of the story!) Dorothy, inspired in part by Lewis Carroll’s famous protagonist in Alice in Wonderland, travels to a magical land that includes the cornfields and scarecrows of the American Midwest rather than the hedge mazes and forests of the English countryside. The story of the Wizard of Oz was so beloved by children of the time that L. Frank Baum was convinced by his young fans to write thirteen sequels, including “Ozma of Oz” and “The Patchwork Girl of Oz.”

The DL Book Club is looking forward to revisiting this familiar story and discovering differences between the book and film versions. For instance, Dorothy’s famous ruby slippers from the movie are actually silver in the book. We’re looking forward to this nostalgic visit over the rainbow.

Updated PDF WebAPI and RenderPages Demo

We’ve been busy over here at Datalogics. Today we updated our demonstration of RenderPages; one of the Datalogics PDF WebAPI request types included in the service. The Datalogics PDF WebAPI offers secure cloud-based RESTful APIs for PDF processing, based on foundation technologies from Adobe. In demonstration mode, the new RenderPages demo will allow you to convert the first page of a PDF file to an image. You can choose from TIF, JPG, PNG, and other formats with resolutions up to 2400 dpi. RenderPages is built on the Adobe PDF Library and uses The Adobe Color Engine for unrivaled color management during the PDF conversion process. You get the same color from RenderPages as you do from Acrobat, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and other Adobe products that use color management. By signing up for a free developer key and id, you can convert up to the first 10 pages as well as integrate the WebAPI into your own applications. Other pricing plans  allow you to make a higher number of calls per minute, increasing the number of pages that can be converted or any other kind of call from WebAPI.

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Adding iOS 8 and Xcode 6 Support in RMSDK and DL Reader

It has been a great and a busy summer for us here at Datalogics!  There have been a lot of activities taking place:

  • We are learning and working on EPUB 3 support
  • We are testing ACS 6 from the ACS 6 prerelease from Adobe
  • We have signed up a few customers to the prerelease program (so let us know if you are interested!)
  • DL Book Club is adding a new theme, and a few related books, every month.  So come and check it out at

In addition, we are keeping an eye out for the upcoming releases of Xcode 6 and iOS 8 from Apple.   We don’t know when Apple will announce the big release date but it will be here soon; and we will be ready!   Our engineering team is busy working on integrating iOS 8 support into DL Reader.  This also means that we will be supporting building both RMSDK and DL Reader in the new Xcode 6 environment.

There are two parts to working this: (1) adding the ability to build both RMSDK and DL Reader under the new (now in beta) Xcode 6, and, (2) making necessary changes, almost entirely in DL Reader, to be compatible with iOS 8 (also in beta).   Both aspects of this are underway so that we can deliver solid, improved products when that magical day arrives (Rumors we’ve heard say September 10th!)

In addition to the iOS 8 work and necessary changes to incorporate some new UI design guidelines from iOS 8, we are also improving our general UI in DL Reader to provide better user experience. We are improving the RMSDK and DL Reader for our customers who rely on us to deliver a robust platform for them to expand and build upon. While we are doing this, we will also be building better DL Reader apps for end users who download our apps from various app stores and markets.

Speaking of the end users… On the other end of the iOS spectrum, we will be discontinuing the support for iOS 5.  This will enable us to build better quality products that are easier to expand and maintain for newer iOS .  But don’t panic!  We hear you that there are end users who can’t or don’t have time to update to new versions of iOS, they are still using iOS 5 apps.  We still want to support you, so we are going to create a separate reading app using the current version of DL Reader in the App Store and make this app available for download on iOS 5 devices.  Of course, new features will not be added to this app.  The current version of the DL Reader will be updated with the new iOS 8 support in the App Store once iOS 8 comes out.

We will follow up with more blogs as soon as we have more details from our engineering team on the new iOS 8 support, as well as the version of the DL Reader for download to iOS 5 devices.