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Post-It Notes aren’t intended to be permanent; that’s why they’re backed with a special kind of glue. I learned this the hard way when I was much, much, younger and working at the same printing plant as my father. Back then, we were still producing boards with camera-ready artwork on it that we’d send out for proofing. We were close to being ready to go to press for this one particular job and, of course, we  were also way too close to the deadline… we were always close to the deadline. One of the boards came back with some corrections and as I pulled the board out of the envelope, the little Post-It notes pulled off, the board had been slid into the envelope with the glue edge of the Post-It towards the bottom of the envelope, As I pulled the board out, the curl in the Post-Its caught the envelope and, as I mentioned above, pulled off. I was left with a camera-ready board and an envelope full of Post-Its with little red arrows drawn on them, some with the corrected Pantone color codes, some with text that needed to be corrected. We lost a day of production over that simple mistake… and the fact that Post-It Notes aren’t intended to be permanent.

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Maven Archetypes explained

As a kid, I had a fascination with kits. Any kind of kit would do: toolkits, first aid kits, sewing kits. There was something about the idea of a kit that captured my imagination; a collection of stuff, all put together for a purpose, but without any details about what that purpose would be. On the one hand, there was a specific use for each component; and yet, what they would ultimately be used for…who knew? It was a license to imagine.

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Recreating Acrobat’s Document Properties Security tab with APDFL


Note that this is part of a series where we use APDFL to extract or recreate the information contained in the Adobe Acrobat’s Document Properties tab.

Recreating this tab, the security tab, required examining hundreds of different PDFs in order to distill the secret sauce behind this tab.  I may not have come up with Coca-cola‘s closely-guarded recipe, but I can give your off-brand cola a run for its money.  At least when it comes to PDF Password security;  Certificate Security and Adobe LiveCycle Rights Management would require plugins to APDFL which simply are not available to us, and so that functionality will remain unexamined.  Nobody really uses it anyway.

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PDF Optimization: When is Refried PDF a Good Idea

Back in the early days, PDF shared it’s imaging model with Adobe’s first big hit, PostScript. PDF files were created in one of two ways, through the PDF Writer, an operating system level driver, and through the Distiller which converted PostScript to PDF. You could also code PDF files by hand, which I personally witnessed on more than one occasion, but that technique really doesn’t apply to this discussion and makes my brain hurt.

Note: This is the fourth in a series of my articles addressing PDF Optimization. You can read the prior articles at the links below.

PDF Optimization: A Lose-Lose Proposition?
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So… When is refrying a PDF a good idea?

Never!… well… almost never.

First, some background…

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