Come see us at IDPF and BEA 2015 in NYC!

digital-book-2015-logo (1)Datalogics will be attending IDPF Digital Book 2015 and BookExpo America next week, May 27-29 in NYC. IDPF is the longest-running digital conference in the industry, featuring executives and professionals from the publishing industry, content distributors, application developers, as well as some favorite authors.

Stop by our table at IDPF and to ask me any questions you might have, or to just chat about the world of eBooks! I’ll also be giving a presentation, “Expanding the eBook Digital Platform,” on Friday, May 29th at 2:10pm in the Digital Zone at BEA. I will talk about the trends we’ve observed and what we can do to expand the eBook market. Come join us!

Learn more about our eBook offerings, and contact us for any questions!


Converting TIFF to PDF Using the Datalogics PDF Java Toolkit

Sample of the Week:

Despite the near ubiquitous use of PDF to exchange documents, there are still rooms… and rooms… and rooms of paper documents in cold storage in offices all over the world. Often times, the first stop on the way to becoming useful again, these documents are scanned to TIFF and stored on massive hard drives. This article is going to be far shorter than my usual Sample of the Week articles because converting these TIFF files to PDF using the Datalogics PDF Java Toolkit is incredibly simple. The developer simply needs to convert a standard Java BufferedImage to a PDFXObjectImage before placement on a PDF page; this also works for any kind of image, not just TIFF. The fun part is figuring out what size page to put it on.

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Merging PDF Forms Using the Datalogics PDF Java Toolkit

Sample of the Week:

In an earlier post I discussed how to merge PDF files using the Datalogics PDF Java Toolkit in a way that preserved all of the page features, bookmarks, and links. By default, the toolkit merges form fields in the same way that Acrobat does when you merge documents through the Acrobat UI. If you are combining multiple different forms that were filled out by the same person and the values are likely to all be the same, this works perfectly… it’s exactly what you’d want. However, if you want to create an archive of the same form that was filled out by different individuals, you may want to take a different approach. Continue reading

Announcing PDF WebAPI as the Connected Service for Visual Studio


Last week we mentioned in a blog post that we would be at Microsoft Ignite this week talking about the PDF WebAPI and Connected Services. At the bottom of that article I said we would be showing off the Connected Service that we built and today I am happy to announce that our Connected Service is publicly available! (You have to use the RC version of Visual Studio 2015 that Microsoft has published in order to be able to use the new version of Connected Services though, here is a link to download the RC version of Visual Studio 2015)

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