PDF Security: Keeping Honest People Honest


Password Security on PDF files is much like the barrier tape that’s placed around crime scenes. It’s there to keep civilians from inadvertently trampling all over any evidence or leaving bits of their own DNA sprinkled about. It’s not the kind of barrier that’s going to stop a criminal determined to destroy the evidence. In fact, barrier tape does little more than help keep honest people honest.

By setting the owner password on a PDF file and restricting certain functionality, document authors can prevent unauthorized changes to the document… provided they are using a PDF viewer that respects those settings… it helps keep honest people honest… and much of the time, that’s all you really need for public documents that don’t contain sensitive information.

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iOS 64-bit, Android with RMSDK 11 and More!

android_iosI sometimes secretly wish things could stop for a minute just so we could say that we caught up.  Of course, that never happens, especially in the field of technology!  To help our customers keep up with the latest technology, I am excited to announce that we are rolling out DL Reader for iOS with iOS 64-bit support, and DL Reader for Android integrated with RMSDK 11! Continue reading

Automating PDF Redaction using the Datalogics PDF Java Toolkit


Sample of the Week:

Joel Geraci

I discussed the reasons for and the process of performing redaction on PDF files using the Datalogics PDF Java Toolkit in an earlier article on this blog. While this article is about the RedactionAnnotDemo sample, it’s about a lot more than just redaction. The sample demonstrates several key concepts important to working with PDF files when using the Toolkit; namely, text extraction, getting word locations, and creating annotations. Once the developer has an understanding of these concepts, it’s relatively easy to create an application that can search for and redact specific words and phrases in just about any PDF file.

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Happy Π Day!

A Fine Selection of Pi to Commemorate 3.1415…..

Technically we are a day early, as we really should have waited until 9:26 AM tomorrow to bust out the sweets, but tomorrow isn’t a business day so our team will enjoy their pie today.

If you have no idea what I am referring to then check your calendar, or you can cheat and visit this page.

We’re not the only ones taking part of the fun, more formal celebrations are taking place elsewhere as well, like this one which boasts an attendance of more than 1000 guests!

Datalogics may not have a Silicon Valley address, but we can still do the math.